Beacon Street Children’s Centre is committed to engage in family – centred practices by respecting the pivotal role of families and providing a collaborative respectful partnership between families, children, educators and the local community.​  Our guiding principles are as follows:
  • Give each child a sense of wonder and curiosity

    • Recognise that all children are unique individuals with their own strengths, interests and needs

    • Provide a stimulating, flexible environment that promotes a child’s social development, self-esteem, individuality, autonomy and cooperation

    • Encourage all children to exercise choice and self-direction to maximise their learning 

  • Support and encourage a desire to learn in each child

    • Provide children with age and developmentally appropriate experiences that extend their learning and interests 

    • Promote a consistent and predictable approach to the daily routine and provide a flexible delivery of all activities to respond to children’s needs

    • Provide non-discriminatory learning experiences for children using a varied range of materials, equipment and resources 

  • Make each child feel loved and supported

    • Focus on the relationships between children, families and educators, fostering a deep sense of security, trust and acceptance of each other

    • Have fun in a safe and inclusive environment that values educators, children and their families

    • Provide opportunities for children, through the Centre, to participate in the local and broader community  

  • Partner with families in their child’s early education journey

    • Value the opportunity to meet with families to discuss and include their suggestions and contributions to their children’s learning

    • Recognise that families may have limited time but still endeavour to encourage the continuity of learning at home

    • Acknowledge and support the existence of a wide range of family structures 

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463 Burwood Highway, Vermont South VIC 3133 |  beaconstchildcentre@bigpond.com  |  Tel. (03) 9803 6555

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